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 2013 AsiO Gusto


Namyangju City, Republic of Korea

October 1st~ October 6th, 2013

2013 AsiO Gusto Organizing Committee

April, 2013


Dear Slow Food and Terra Madre network,


This is 2013 AsiO Gusto Organizing Committee preparing the Slow Food Festival in Namyangju, Korea to be held in October 1st ~ 6th, 2013.


Through the experience of the past few years of Slow Food festival (Terra Madre Korea held for three consecutive years since 2010, 2011 Asia and Oceania International Conference, and 2012 Fermented Foods Conference of Korea, China, Japan), we thought there is a need to cooperate for the development of the Slow Food movement, with a lot of people from Asia and Oceania gathered together in one place and to share experiences and knowledge about the Slow Food movement. Fortunately, the first week of October this year in Namyangju, Korea ‘2013 AsiO Gusto’ will be held.


The slogan of 2013 AsiO Gusto, is “Slow Food, Change the world with taste”. Programs such as Taste Workshops, International Conferences, Exhibitions, Fairs, etc. will be configured with a variety of content, and we hope that your active participation will enrich the event.


The International Conference consists of 1. Traditional Rice varieties from Asia and Oceania 2. Food and Spirituality 3. Various Fermented Food 4. Slow Food and Hansalim (Korean coop) movement.


In addition, in the International Hall you can exhibit endangered food, seed, products, dishes or the traditional cultivation tools. You can also rent a booth for food tasting / demonstration / sales for the 6 days. In here, you could build up strong network with visitors from Namyangju, Korea and Asia, and Oceania.


About 50 booths will be installed in the International Hall. The rental fee for a standard unit (3m X 3m = 9 square meters) is 1,000 US dollars, and we will send additional e-mail dealing with the list associated with the interior and equipment rental separately to those who are interested in renting a stand. However, discounts may apply depending on the circumstances, if you need, please try to contact us with a separate procedure.


For all those nominating to attend 2013 AsiO Gusto with related topics of Presidia or the Ark of Taste, Slow Food Movement, International Conference or various Exhibitions and then selected and confirmed will be provided with Accommodation (with full board), Domestic Transportation, Free Entrance Tickets for the duration of the stay.


Expenses support is expected to give priority to the Terra Madre network (Farmers, Fishermen, Small-scale producers, Chefs, Academics). Delegates supported with round-trip flight tickets are to be determined by the regulations and principles of the Slow Food International Association. We are willing to give priority to the members from developing countries.


The roles you can partake in at 2013 AsiO Gusto include:


A. The theme of International Conference and number of participants:

 - Traditional rice varieties from Asia and Oceania (October 2nd 09:00~17:00)

Presenter: keynote speaker 3, panel 6


-Food and its Spirituality (October 2nd 09:00~17:00)

Presenter: keynote speaker 3, panel 6


-Various Fermented Foods (October 3rd 09:00~17:00)

Presenter: keynote speaker 3, panel 6


- Slow Food and Hansalim (Korean coop) movement (October 3rd 09:00~17:00)

Presenter: keynote speaker 3, panel 6


B. Taste Workshops

-10~15 groups who are able to organize and facilitate Taste Workshops during October 2nd-5th.


C. Exhibition of Ark of Taste products and Presidia

-Need the participation for exhibition of Ark of Taste, Presidia related producers, or other endangered species, traditional cultivation tools, etc.


D. Slow Food Youth Movement

-Youth leaders who can present Case Study or the way of organization management.


Members who want to participate in one of these contents, please fill in the nomination form no later than May 10th. Selection results will be announced in May.



We look forward to seeing you in Namyangju, Korea.


Please visit our blog (also available in English)



With Gratitude,


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